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DanBred introduces new state-of-the-art transporter

Every year, DanBred exports thousands of breeding animals from Danish breeding and multiplication herds to pig producers worldwide. In Europe, they are transported in DanBred’s trucks approved by the Danish Health Management System (SPF-SuS). Now DanBred expands this fleet with a new type of trailer with integrated air-conditioning, UV system, temperature sensors, CO2 and moisture meters, and solar cells on the roof. These functions are all designed specifically to ensure sustainable transportation with an emphasis on animal welfare and health. During the past years, DanBred has fulfilled its ambitions to build a significant transport capacity to ensure that DanBred can …

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Breeding for social pigs improves finisher performance

Growth performance is heritable and is affected both directly by the pig’s own genes and indirectly by the genes of its group mates. Recent studies show that there are heritable social effects on growth in the DanBred breeds, and that selection for social genetic effects on growth also improves the growth of DanBred crossbreds. Breeding for social pigs has the potential to improve productivity as well as animal welfare. Learn more about the future prospects for breeding for social pigs in this article.   Domestic pigs are social animals and highly adaptable to new environments. In conventional pig production, pigs …

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Metabolomics: The missing link in genetic selection

Metabolomic selection can improve genetic gain in difficult-to-measure traits by combining whole-metabolomic data with phenotypic, pedigree, and genomic data. The metabolome is the complete set of metabolites in a sample and forms a link in the chain between DNA and phenotype. By Helle Palmø, Chief Geneticist, DanBred   New breeding technologies such as genomic selection, whole-genome sequencing, optimal contribution selection, and gene editing are developing at an increasing pace. Metabolomic selection is an emerging breeding technology based on an exciting new source of information, namely nuclear magnetic resonance (or NMR) metabolomics. NMR metabolomics measures all metabolites in a sample from …

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We are always looking at even the smallest details to benefit your bottom line. DanBred was the first breeding company in the world to use genomic selection in its breeding work for pigs. Today, all breeding candidates are tested – an achievement that benefits the pig producers.   By taking samples of hair from all DanBred breeding candidates, we have a wealth of information about the pigs that can be used to improve breeding progress. The technology, known as genomic selection, was first deployed ten years ago. ”At the beginning, we tested 10 % of the breeding candidates, but now …

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Get practical instructions in the pigpen with the DanBred Manuals and Knowledge Hub

DanBred offers all pig producers free access to the DanBred Manuals. These manuals and DanBred’s online Knowledge Hub give managers all the tools they need to turn expert knowledge into measurable results in the pigpen. ”DanBred’s extensive knowledge library helps you get the full benefit of the genetic potential of your DanBred animals, and we share this knowledge openly. Our DanBred Manuals and Knowledge Hub are open to all pig producers,” says Head of Technical Services, Trine Lund Pedersen, DanBred. The DanBred Manuals cover many different topics, and your employees can apply the knowledge directly in the pigpen with DanBred’s …

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Is your herd living up to its full genetic potential?

Every farm has its own challenges but with strategic In-Farm Solutions from DanBred, good advice is available for everyone. Can the genetic potential be better utilised? Are there production factors that can be optimised? The answer is yes, when you choose a tailored solution from DanBred, which will help you to tackle issues and improve your operations by setting and achieving realistic and ambitious goals. “Technical managers are sometimes perceived as firemen, who uncritically busy themselves with solving all of the pig producers’ acute problems by putting out little fires everywhere. But we are much more than that,” says Søren …

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