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External biosecurity – focus on African Swine Fever

By Inger Morthorst Møller, on behalf of DanBred. African Swine Fever (ASF) has been spreading from the eastern part of the European continent since it was introduced in Georgia in 2007. Most commercial farms in eastern European countries have already learned to live with ASF outside of their farm, but now it is time for all western European countries to have a focus on external biosecurity. We have to remember that the aim of good and proper biosecurity is not only to keep ASF out of the herd but actually to keep any disease out of the herd to reduce …

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Bøgildgård: DanBred boar testing station for 40 years

February 1st, Bøgildgård DanBred boar testing station in Denmark celebrates its 40th anniversary. Bøgildgård has been instrumental in making pig production based on DanBred genetics more sustainable over the past 40 years. In 1981, Bøgildgård was established in Oustruplund near the town Kjellerup in Jutland. It was established by the Federation of Danish Co-operative Bacon Factories to make breeding for high daily gain, low feed conversion ratio, and high carcass quality more efficient. Back then, Bøgildgård boar testing station and five other testing stations received 30 kg pigs from more than 100 breeding herds. Ever since, the development of the …

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Genetic potential and heterosis in production herds

The genetic potential of DanBred breeding animals is efficiently transferred to production farms, a study from the Danish Pig Research Centre shows. Are pig producers seeing the genetic gain attained in the purebred DanBred breeding animals in their production farms? Yes, they are. That is the conclusion of a study carried out by the Danish Pig Research Centre, where the results also show that the crossbred finishers are more disease resistant. Both create value for pig producers.   Study demonstrates clear impact The Danish Pig Research Centre are the DanBred R&D engine and continuously develops the DanBred breeding programme. An …

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Press release: DanBred is moving to a new HQ

It is with great pleasure that we can reveal that the DanBred HQ is moving to a new location with newly renovated offices effective March 1st, 2021. “DanBred is on an ambitious and exiting journey for growth, and our old HQ offices could no longer accommodate our needs in terms of manpower and aspirations for the future”, says Thomas Muurmann Henriksen, CEO at DanBred. “Consequently, our new offices will have room to grow and to think outside the box, which will help take DanBred to the next level and benefit all our global customers.” The team at DanBred are hard …

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Developing the pigs of the future

Samples to be used in the development of the DanBred pigs of the future are already being collected. Every week, blood samples are collected from 50-60 DanBred Duroc pigs at Bøgildgård Boar Testing Station in Denmark. The samples are sent to the Laboratory for Pig Diseases in Kjellerup in Denmark, where they are centrifuged and frozen to -80 °C to ensure all important material is preserved. The samples are collected so they are ready for analysis when the next step of the project Metabolomic Selection starts. The project examines metabolites (i.e., the intermediate products formed when the body metabolises feed) …

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Selection and service are key to ensure high quality

Selection of DanBred gilts during the rearing period is key to ensure that the animals used in pig production have the highest possible levels of health and animal welfare. All animals must live up to the high expectations and standards set for DanBred breeding animals. “A good selection is one of our most important tools to ensure the high quality and longevity of the breeding animals that customers receive from DanBred,” says Tanja Jensen, DanBred Selection Manager. She heads a team of experts focusing on the selected animals’ quality – from education and certification of selectors through selection in breeding …

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