DanBred and our suppliers have a tremendous amount of knowledge about pig breeding. Together, we can elevate the quality of your farm, regardless of whether you are purchasing breeding stock from one of our multiplication farms or employing nucleus management (kernestyring®) production methods using our genetic material. We can also help you to start up your own production of breeding stock if, for example you are aiming for a hermetic herd operation with a reduced risk of infection from outside sources.

We can provide advice over the telephone or out in the livestock sheds, where good advice about purchase, reception and integration of breeding stock will allow you to get off to a quick start. Several of our suppliers are also more than happy to share their experience with the optimum utilisation of semen in the herd.

When you select DanBred, you thus gain access to advanced knowledge of genetics and hands-on experience from the livestock shed. This allows you to exploit the full potential of our excellent Danish genetics.

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