A slaughter pig that is bred from a Danish Duroc has a daily growth rate that is around 100 grams larger than that of a slaughter pig bred from a Pietrain boar. The quality of the Danish genetics stands out in many areas, e.g. operation and cost level. In these areas, our quality is documented by means of an index status, which you can read more about here.

But we have also quality requirements in many other areas. Pigs’ health also plays a major role in our work towards continued genetic progress. Therefore, all DanBred breeders comply with stringent requirements for health and the control of both livestock and shed environment. Our transporters must also be certified and are regularly inspected.


The many inspections that are performed are registered in a central system, which makes it possible to demonstrate the health status of each herd. Health certification ensures that Danish breeding livestock has as a minimum the same or better health status than the herd to which it will be sold.


In addition, we work with quality in four main areas:

  • Exterior and uniformity
  • Credibility
  • Good upbringing
  • Immunity and health

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