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The DanBred genetic advantage programme GenePro is designed especially for closed in-house gilt production with the access to semen from DanBred boars at AI stations or purebred DanBred boars you buy in. As previously detailed, you can achieve many benefits with GenePro – but how to get started?

GenePro is your way to gain maximum benefit from DanBred genetics by establishing an in-house nucleus herd of GGPs, GPs or even crossbreds to produce high-quality replacement gilts. And it is simple to become a part of the GenePro programme, all you need to do is to sign a GenePro contract with DanBred, and you will immediately have access to the DanBred gene-pool.

3 key questions
Maybe you are used to buy in all your replacement gilts but feel it is time to close the herd and start producing your own gilts. Closing the farm is a big step, and before entering into the GenePro agreement, it is beneficial to consider the following questions:

1. Should I establish a DanBred purebred nucleus or choose DanBred criss-cross breeding using DanBred Hybrid F1 females (YL/LY)?
Establishing a purebred nucleus with 10 % purebred females will result in full heterosis but take some effort regarding selection management. When practicing criss-cross breeding all females are eligible for next generation, but will result in a heterosis around 2/3 compared to a purebred nucleus.

2. Should I buy semen from DanBred AI boars or buy in DanBred boars for internal AI?
By using DanBred AI a wider range of superior DanBred boars are available and will enhance the rate of genetic improvement, however, DanBred AI may not be available for numerous reasons, and thus buying in boars and making on-farm semen collection is an alternative which allows a readily available supply of fresh semen as well as complete control of genetic and semen quality decisions.

3. Should selection of next generation females primarily be based on exterior evaluation or should it be based on the use of a calculated selection index?
Before entering into a GenePro agreement, it is important to decide which technical level of breeding is in your best interest. Is selection of gilts for next generation mainly a practical task done on the basis of an exterior evaluation in the herd, or is it a priority to invest extra time when selecting animals and include a computed selection index from DanBred as a part of the selection process. Either way GenePro will be beneficial for your herd.

DanBred Technical Services Team is at your disposal
Whether you choose one way or the other or combine the alternatives above, it will always be a question of your engagement. All herds can benefit from DanBred GenePro regardless of the level of commitment, and the DanBred Technical Services Team is always ready to advise you on the level of involvement recommended for your herd.

The GenePro programme will help reach the full genetic potential of your DanBred breeding animals by always choosing the best females for next generation to be mated with superior DanBred boars. The outcome is maximum profit for your bottom-line, and who wouldn’t be interested in higher profits?

Read more about GenePro here, and contact DanBred today to hear more about how your production can benefit from GenePro.


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