DanAvl gets four new agents in Germany & Belgium


The new DanAvl is experiencing massive market support, even before the new restructuring is fully in place. DanAvl has signed contracts with three new agents for the large German export market. We have also signed contracts with DanaPig in Belgium as well as ROSGARD A/S covering, among others, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Already before the new DanAvl has even been launched, we have concluded contracts with several new agents, three of whom operate in the important German export market. We are also at an advanced stage of contract negotiations with agents, both in Germany and the rest of Europe. The new DanAvl structure will be ready in the first quarter of 2018.

The three new agents in Germany are: Fenker & Hellebusch, DanSau and Detert Zuchttiere, who will, thanks to the new DanAvl structure, not only be able to offer breeding pigs that are more productive, healthy and profitable, but will also be able to expand their business considerably within customer service, advice and marketing.

“We are seeing a large amount of positive interest among the agents with whom we are currently in negotiations and are incredibly pleased with the recent agreements with the three new agents in Germany and DanaPig in Belgium. All four are extremely professional and knowledgeable and we share the same customer-focused approach towards the delivery of the world’s best genetics, which are the actual foundations of the new DanAvl,” says Thomas Muurmann Henriksen, CEO of DanAvl.

In addition to the new agreements on the German market, DanaPig (the largest exporter of DanAvl breeding pigs and genetics to Belgium) and Rosgaard A/S have also concluded agency agreements with DanAvl covering the markets in Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The new DanAvl will continue as the sole owner of the Danish genetics and breeding program known as DanAvl. With the backing of 75 percent of existing breeding and multiplication farms and a brand new organisation to perform sales, customer  service and provide technical advise for end customers, the new DanAvl now stands stronger than ever before.


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