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Breeding for social pigs improves finisher performance

Growth performance is heritable and is affected both directly by the pig’s own genes and indirectly by the genes of its group mates. Recent studies show that there are heritable social effects on growth in the DanBred breeds, and that selection for social genetic effects on growth also improves the growth of DanBred crossbreds. Breeding for social pigs has the potential to improve productivity as well as animal welfare. Learn more about the future prospects for breeding for social pigs in this article.   Domestic pigs are social animals and highly adaptable to new environments. In conventional pig production, pigs …

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Metabolomics: The missing link in genetic selection

Metabolomic selection can improve genetic gain in difficult-to-measure traits by combining whole-metabolomic data with phenotypic, pedigree, and genomic data. The metabolome is the complete set of metabolites in a sample and forms a link in the chain between DNA and phenotype. By Helle Palmø, Chief Geneticist, DanBred   New breeding technologies such as genomic selection, whole-genome sequencing, optimal contribution selection, and gene editing are developing at an increasing pace. Metabolomic selection is an emerging breeding technology based on an exciting new source of information, namely nuclear magnetic resonance (or NMR) metabolomics. NMR metabolomics measures all metabolites in a sample from …

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We are always looking at even the smallest details to benefit your bottom line. DanBred was the first breeding company in the world to use genomic selection in its breeding work for pigs. Today, all breeding candidates are tested – an achievement that benefits the pig producers.   By taking samples of hair from all DanBred breeding candidates, we have a wealth of information about the pigs that can be used to improve breeding progress. The technology, known as genomic selection, was first deployed ten years ago. ”At the beginning, we tested 10 % of the breeding candidates, but now …

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Written by Gunner Sørensen, Senior Specialist, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre, Abstract Feed composition and feed strategy in the gestation period are crucial factors to achieve a high performing lactating sow with a satisfying longevity. A backfat thickness at farrowing of 16 – 19 mm is the goal for the feeding, but it´s also at a challenge to obtain this aim in loose housing systems, warm climate and with modern genetics. As a guideline, the first 4 weeks after insemination is the period to regulate the backfat after the previously lactation – skinny sows must be feed close to …

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Written by Christoph Hutter, Product Manager Feed Additives, ADDCON GmbH and Dr. Christian Lückstädt, Technical Director Feed, ADDCON GmbH. The successful rearing of many high-quality DanBred piglets is centred around the attentive management of the sows as well as the piglets. When working with new-born piglets, it is important to look at all factors that influence and determine their subsequent performance, as this can directly influence the success of the overall pig production. The piglets’ first contact with the outside environment is important, both for their future growth and health. One of the most common causes of piglet losses in …

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Written by Christoph Hutter, Product Manager Feed Additives, ADDCON GmbH and Dr. Christian Lückstädt, Technical Director Feed, ADDCON GmbH. Gut health of the pig is today one of the most important things for the profitable pig production, and in particular the longevity and productivity of the highly productive DanBred sow. Gut health basically means a balance between good and bad microflora inside the intestine. If that balance goes in direction of increasing number of bad microflora (which is very possible due to excellent conditions for living and growth for pathogenic bacteria in intestine), the ideal health and production conditions can …

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