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DanBred introduces new state-of-the-art transporter

Every year, DanBred exports thousands of breeding animals from Danish breeding and multiplication herds to pig producers worldwide. In Europe, they are transported in DanBred’s trucks approved by the Danish Health Management System (SPF-SuS). Now DanBred expands this fleet with a new type of trailer with integrated air-conditioning, UV system, temperature sensors, CO2 and moisture meters, and solar cells on the roof. These functions are all designed specifically to ensure sustainable transportation with an emphasis on animal welfare and health. During the past years, DanBred has fulfilled its ambitions to build a significant transport capacity to ensure that DanBred can …

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We are always looking at even the smallest details to benefit your bottom line. DanBred was the first breeding company in the world to use genomic selection in its breeding work for pigs. Today, all breeding candidates are tested – an achievement that benefits the pig producers.   By taking samples of hair from all DanBred breeding candidates, we have a wealth of information about the pigs that can be used to improve breeding progress. The technology, known as genomic selection, was first deployed ten years ago. ”At the beginning, we tested 10 % of the breeding candidates, but now …

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Get practical instructions in the pigpen with the DanBred Manuals and Knowledge Hub

DanBred offers all pig producers free access to the DanBred Manuals. These manuals and DanBred’s online Knowledge Hub give managers all the tools they need to turn expert knowledge into measurable results in the pigpen. ”DanBred’s extensive knowledge library helps you get the full benefit of the genetic potential of your DanBred animals, and we share this knowledge openly. Our DanBred Manuals and Knowledge Hub are open to all pig producers,” says Head of Technical Services, Trine Lund Pedersen, DanBred. The DanBred Manuals cover many different topics, and your employees can apply the knowledge directly in the pigpen with DanBred’s …

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Marching forward in China: Global Pig Genetic Improvement Summit

How efficient genetics and profitable support solutions from DanBred can help rebuild the Chinese pig industry! In September 2020, DanBred had the pleasure of participating in the Global Pig Genetic Improvement Summit, GPGS. Our Chinese team was present both locally in China and on the online platform to give the audience a look into how DanBred’s genetic products and support services can help make a difference to their operations. During the summit and together with our research and development partner, The Danish Pig Research Centre (DPRC), we provided detailed insights into our breeding programme, our documented results and our strong …

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DanBred and sustainable production

DanBred’s breeding progress not only ensures a better economic result for you as a pig producer. With increasing progress, particularly in feed conversion, we also contribute to making your production more environmentally sustainable. Economic and environmental benefits Environmental sustainability is high on the agenda of public debate – not just among the general public at large, but also specifically within the agricultural sector. In this sector, progress is ongoing in areas such as slurry acidification, regular slurry discharge and feed conversion, and DanBred’s breeding programme plays an important role in the effort to ensure more sustainable and climate-friendly productions now …

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Largest Chinese order to date: DanBred delivers 2,200 breeding animals to China

At the end of May, DanBred chartered three cargo aircrafts and successfully shipped a total of 2,200 purebred breeding animals to China. That is the largest Chinese order of breeding pigs to date, and later this year, DanBred will deliver even more breeding animals to the same customer. The 2,200 animals are purebred Landrace, Yorkshire, and Duroc. There are 2,000 young females and 200 boars weighing between 25 and 100 kilos. The breeding animals are hand-picked from four Danish DanBred pig breeders: Brandmosegaard, Grubegaard, Molsgaard, and Tybjerggaard. The many pigs were sold to the large Chinese company Guilin Liyuan Cereal …

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