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Gastric ulcers in swine – A serious welfare and health problem in pig production

Written by Roger Berrios, Product Manager Acids, Biomin Holding GmbH Simon Skaarup Jensen, Technical Sales Manager Swine, Biomin Holding GmbH Andre VAN LANKVELD, Regional Director Western Europe, Biomin Holding GmbH   Introduction Gastric ulceration or gastric (stomach) ulcers is a condition that is common in pigs. A gastric ulcer is defined as a gastric mucosal defect where the entire epithelial thickness, down to or through the basement membrane has been lost. They appear as a bordered cavity often coated with exudate, and can be acute or chronic. The prevalence of the condition in different categories of pigs differs according to …

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Umbilical hernia: New initiatives

The debate in EU about hernia is, once again, highly topical, as transportation of pigs with umbilical hernia has become an object of increasing attention. A number of initiatives in the pig pen and in the breeding can reduce the occurrence of umbilical hernia now and in the future. By: Lizette Vestergaard Pedersen, Consultant, Danish Pig Research Centre, Breeding & Genetics.   The term umbilical hernia is often used to describe all types of umbilical outpouchings. However, it’s important to be aware that umbilical hernia is only one of several possible causes of umbilical outpouchings. The most common causes of …

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Ensuring optimal health – gilt introduction

By Lola Kathe Tolstrup, Senior consultant, DVM, PhD, SEGES Danish Pig Research Center, Livestock Innovation.   Abstract Gilts introduced in the sow herd must preferably have the same or higher health status as the sow population, to which they are being introduced. This is to ensure a match of the immune system capacity in the whole herd. If un-matched there can be disease outbreaks with costly consequences. Even though health status is matched, appropriate quarantine facilities and procedures are necessary to prevent introduction of new diseases into the herd as well as to protect new gilts from severe clinical disease …

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