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DanBred boosts genetic gain in feed conversion by an additional 10 %

DanBred recently increased its performance testing capacity by 25 % on boar testing station Bøgildgård, which means that more than 7,500 boars are now being tested for individual feed efficiency annually. This higher capacity leads to an increase in genetic gain in feed conversion ratio (FCR) by an additional 10 %. Feed efficiency is the most economically important trait for pig producers worldwide, and DanBred has documented genetic gains for this particular trait through the decades. Years of experience At the boar testing station, future DanBred AI-boars are tested for their genetic potential for feed efficiency and all other economically …

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DanBred triumphs at award show in Spain

DanBred’s Spanish customers have good reasons to be exited these days. At the recent Porc d’Or awards ceremony, which is an award that celebrates Spanish pig and livestock producers, 33 out of 49 awards were given to Spanish pig producers using DanBred genetics and breeding animals. Since 1994, the Spanish research center Institute of Food Research and Technology (IRTA) has celebrated the best results and progress in pig production with the Porc d’Or award. The award has different sub categories and ranks the pig producers by their sizes, and this year turned out to be a huge triumph for many …

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Managing DanBred gilts – Social gilts are productive gilts

Efficient and harmonic breeding animals is not only about the right feeding strategy and reproduction. Breeding animals also need daily handling regarding socialization. Not exclusively in relation to other or older animals in the herd, but also their relationship with humans. Implementing management protocols regarding socialization of gilts will have a great impact on the gilts future reproduction results, longevity and general welfare. DanBred is developing the genetic potential of positive social behaviour in our pigs, but it is not done with genetics alone. If you want easily managed, calm and sociable DanBred breeding animals in your herd, pay extra …

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Managing DanBred piglets after farrowing – Preventing Sepsis

Management the first week after farrowing, is one of the key features to ensure that piglets get the best start in life. New born piglets are vulnerable, therefore focused management is important. Feeding the sows for optimum milk production is a keystone, but focus on hygiene and general piglet welfare is essential to ensure optimal results. During the first week after farrowing several important events take place in the farrowing unit. At the same time this is the period in which the piglets are most vulnerable and might need some extra attention. This leaves a lot of responsibility with the …

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Management advice on feed and feeding – Getting your pigs trough weaning

Weaning starts long before the pigs are actually weaned. If the piglets are adequately prepared to be weaned from the sow, you can prevent several complications in the nursery. One preparation is the transition from sow milk to solid feed. Getting the piglets adapted to dry feed before weaning, will ensure a high dry matter intake before weaning, which is essential for maximizing growth, preventing post weaning diarrhea and reducing the use of antibiotics. We have gathered some thoughts on how to boost the performance of your weaners in the nursery. One of the objectives in preparing your piglets for …

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Exploit the DanBred genetic potential on lean meat percentage

When it comes to maximising the potential of the DanBred genetics, very high prolific sows with many live born piglets and high daily weight gain is often emphasised. However, the breeding efforts put into DanBred genetics is considering the full economical value of the whole production chain and includes finisher pig. But DanBred is much more than that. Lean meat for example: DanBred pigs have a natural potential for a high lean meat percentage in the finisher production. Here is how you exploit the potential. The general view in pig production is that low daily weight gain will increase lean …

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