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DanBred is ready for the future

A few years into its new company structure, DanBred is finding its place in the world. A constant focus on customer needs and what will influence the market for pig production and genetics in the future guides all decision processes in DanBred. Thomas Muurmann Henriksen, CEO at DanBred, shares his thoughts on what the future holds for global pig production.   Knowledge and expertise have always formed a solid foundation for us, and we are confident in the hard work our R&D department carries out day after day, year after year. We are focused and, in many ways, our products …

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Breeding goals have a positive impact on your profit

Updating DanBred’s breeding goals ensures greater overall genetic gain in the future via greater focus on finishers’ traits. With the new trait ’Maternal early gain’, the breeding goals of DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire now include a maternal trait with impact on the growth of piglets. PRESS RELEASE IN GERMAN. DanBred’s breeding goals are updated approximately every three years and earlier this year, we reported the new economical weighting of the traits and launched a new maternal trait. Based on the changed breeding goals, including the new updated economic weights, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre, has calculated the expected genetic …

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DanBred strengthens sales activities in Italy

PRESSRELEASE: DanBred is gunning for a bigger market share in Italy and is now strengthening the Italian sales team with the addition of Roberto de Pol from B.S.T Soluzioni SRL. He will in cooperation with DanBred’s current agent in Italy, Rosgaard/Porktrade Group A/S, bolster DanBred’s sales and service offering for the Italian customers. DanBred is experiencing growth in the Italian market, and to answer the market demand for DanBred animals, Roberto de Pol from B.S.T Soluzioni SRL, will join the Italian team. Roberto’s assignment is to assist and develop DanBred’s business-portfolio with our current Italian agent, Rosgaard/Porktrade Group A/S. Claus …

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Management advice on feed and feeding – Getting your pigs trough weaning

Weaning starts long before the pigs are actually weaned. If the piglets are adequately prepared to be weaned from the sow, you can prevent several complications in the nursery. One preparation is the transition from sow milk to solid feed. Getting the piglets adapted to dry feed before weaning, will ensure a high dry matter intake before weaning, which is essential for maximizing growth, preventing post weaning diarrhea and reducing the use of antibiotics. We have gathered some thoughts on how to boost the performance of your weaners in the nursery. One of the objectives in preparing your piglets for …

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Exploit the DanBred genetic potential on lean meat percentage

When it comes to maximising the potential of the DanBred genetics, very high prolific sows with many live born piglets and high daily weight gain is often emphasised. However, the breeding efforts put into DanBred genetics is considering the full economical value of the whole production chain and includes finisher pig. But DanBred is much more than that. Lean meat for example: DanBred pigs have a natural potential for a high lean meat percentage in the finisher production. Here is how you exploit the potential. The general view in pig production is that low daily weight gain will increase lean …

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KLASSE Ki and DanBred to service Northern Europe from the Netherlands

PRESSRELEASE: DanBred is expanding its presence in the Netherlands together with its partner KLASSE Ki. In addition to creating a stronger position in the Netherlands with DanBred BV, KLASSE Ki. will not only service the Netherlands, but also the Northwest European and overseas markets. The recent news of establishing DanBred BV supported by six multipliers has been well-received in the market. Now DanBred takes further steps to improve and strengthen the market-position by fortifying the DanBred AI-infrastructure together with KLASSE Ki. Furthermore, the large number of farms working with “Genepro” on-farm-replacement in Northwest Europe and multiplier farms using DanBred genetics …

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