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Danish Feeding Strategy Works for all Genotypes

Did you know that by following a Danish feeding strategy, both the litter size and the number of born alive piglets can be significantly increased without additional feed costs regardless of genotype? In late 2019 a study conducted by Zhou et al. confirmed that the Danish feeding system could significantly increase the litter size and number born of born alive piglets. Perhaps more importantly, the Danish feeding strategy also had a positive effect on North American genotypes- indicating that it is not only the Danish genetics that are superior but also Danish management strategies in pig production. The study was …

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Gastric ulcers in swine – A serious welfare and health problem in pig production

Written by Roger Berrios, Product Manager Acids, Biomin Holding GmbH Simon Skaarup Jensen, Technical Sales Manager Swine, Biomin Holding GmbH Andre VAN LANKVELD, Regional Director Western Europe, Biomin Holding GmbH   Introduction Gastric ulceration or gastric (stomach) ulcers is a condition that is common in pigs. A gastric ulcer is defined as a gastric mucosal defect where the entire epithelial thickness, down to or through the basement membrane has been lost. They appear as a bordered cavity often coated with exudate, and can be acute or chronic. The prevalence of the condition in different categories of pigs differs according to …

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Feeding gilts during the rearing period

By Thomas Sønderby Bruun Senior Specialist, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre    Abstract Feeding the rearing gilt is the key to longevity and prolificacy. DanBred Hybrid gilts should have at least 12 mm of backfat and a weight of 140–155 kg at first service. Feeding the rearing gilts according to the recommended feeding curve and with diets containing moderate levels of SID crude protein and SID lysine provides an opportunity to inseminate gilts in their second heat at an age of 230–250 days. To maximize litter size, flushing, i.e. minimum 3.4 kg of feed/day, should be initiated at 5–7 days …

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DanBred boosts genetic gain in feed conversion by an additional 10 %

DanBred recently increased its performance testing capacity by 25 % on boar testing station Bøgildgård, which means that more than 7,500 boars are now being tested for individual feed efficiency annually. This higher capacity leads to an increase in genetic gain in feed conversion ratio (FCR) by an additional 10 %. Feed efficiency is the most economically important trait for pig producers worldwide, and DanBred has documented genetic gains for this particular trait through the decades. Years of experience At the boar testing station, future DanBred AI-boars are tested for their genetic potential for feed efficiency and all other economically …

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Breeding goals have a positive impact on your profit

Updating DanBred’s breeding goals ensures greater overall genetic gain in the future via greater focus on finishers’ traits. With the new trait ’Maternal early gain’, the breeding goals of DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire now include a maternal trait with impact on the growth of piglets. PRESS RELEASE IN GERMAN. DanBred’s breeding goals are updated approximately every three years and earlier this year, we reported the new economical weighting of the traits and launched a new maternal trait. Based on the changed breeding goals, including the new updated economic weights, SEGES Danish Pig Research Centre, has calculated the expected genetic …

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Managing DanBred gilts – Social gilts are productive gilts

Efficient and harmonic breeding animals is not only about the right feeding strategy and reproduction. Breeding animals also need daily handling regarding socialization. Not exclusively in relation to other or older animals in the herd, but also their relationship with humans. Implementing management protocols regarding socialization of gilts will have a great impact on the gilts future reproduction results, longevity and general welfare. DanBred is developing the genetic potential of positive social behaviour in our pigs, but it is not done with genetics alone. If you want easily managed, calm and sociable DanBred breeding animals in your herd, pay extra …

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