Farms all over the world can take advantage of DanBred’s crossbreeding program, either with or without the purchase of DanBred breeding animals. Enter into a GenePro agreement with DanBred and let the best sows in your herd form the basis for future generations using purebred semen from the best DanBred boars. This ensures genetic gain and helps you maintain the herd’s health status.

Users of GenePro can choose to extend their agreement with Nucleus Management®, which is an online breeding management tool. Nucleus Management® includes a clear breeding strategy with the option to plan and produce DanBred breeding animals, which are on a similarly genetically level as purchased gilts.

Nucleus Management® can be used for both Criss-Cross breeding and for herds with a purebred nucleus. Sows are registered in DanBred’s Databank so that their breeding index are calculated on a weekly basis. Using the breeding index for selection enables you to identify the breeding animals in your herd with the greatest genetic potential and, in turn, achieve the maximum profit from the genetic gains generated by DanBred.


danbred genepro crossbreeding with DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire

In addition to the profit from the genetic gain, Nucleus Management® offers you a range of tools which show you the index level of the available breeding animals. This can become your simple, go-to guide for selecting breeding animals with a genetic advantage. Before mating, DanBred’s mating plan shows you which boars would make the best genetic match for the selected sows and gilts. The electronic Nucleus Management report provides you with clear insight into your herd’s genetic level and enables you to see whether you have selected the correct strategy for leveraging your herd’s genetic potential.

Nucleus Management® can be integrated into most management programmes. And adapting your herd’s existing daily registrations to the system is easy. And our own leading experts are available at all times.

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