Documented results


Measured in pounds and pence, genetic gain is not only affected by the economic value of the traits in the breeding goal, but also by a number of other factors such as  trait’s heredity, genetic variation, the scope of testing and selection intensity, along with the shared genetic correlations of the traits. DanBred’s breeding system is based on large populations of purebred DanBred Landrace, DanBred Yorkshire and DanBred Duroc – and a broad scope for performance testing.

In addition to this, genomic selection ensures breeding values can be calculated. This makes a positive contribution to genetic gain. DanBred conducts DNA testing on all breeding animals, resulting in an increase of 30 % in genetic gain – a benefit that is available for everyone who uses DanBred genetics in their production.

DanBred genetic gain

Over the last three years, DanBred has generated and documented a genetic gain of €6.51 per finisher. And everyone who uses DanBred genetics in their herd stands to benefit.

The greatest gains can be seen in feed conversion – €2.46 over the past three years. Hereafter litter size is at €1.50, and daily gain is close behind with € 0.93. The other gains in the traits of the breeding objective include a meat percentage of €0.63, a father-effect on litter size of €0.33, longevity of €0.18, conformation of €0.09, weaner growth of €0.12, and slaughter loss of €0.06.

When you select DanBred genetics, you get access to a dedicated team that can help you with the planning and development of your herd.

Total value

Daily gain 30 kg – slaughter (g/day) 0.31
Feed conversion (FUpig/kg growth) 0.82
Lean meat percentage 0.21
LP5, living piglets on day 5 (pigs/litter) 0.50
Conformation, points 0.03
Daily gain birth-30 kg (g/day) 0.02
Longevity 0.11
Killing out percentage 0.02
Male fertility (number of piglets born) 0.15
Total per year in average 2.17

 *) Annual value of breeding progress per produced slaughter pig in an integrated production herd. (2015-2018)


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