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GenePro is your way to gain maximum benefit from DanBred genetics. GenePro is designed especially for closed in-house gilt production with the access to semen from the DanBred boars at AI stations or purebred boars or gilt you buy in.

GenePro is for you who run an in-house gilts replacement program and wish to get access to the best genetics. Via the GenePro program you establish a nucleus herd of GGPs, GPs or even crossbreds to produce high-quality replacement gilts with semen from the DanBred AI stations or your own DanBred boars. In other words, you get a selection program to optimize and sustain the genetic progress in your herd.

The benefits of GenePro are:

  • More viable pigs weaned per sow per year
  • Lower piglet mortality
  • Better daily gain
  • Lower feed consumption
  • Higher carcass yield
  • Better proportion of muscle
  • High lean meat percentage
  • Optimal fat marbling in the meat

To participate, all you need to do is to sign a GenePro contract with DanBred, pay a fee per sow in your herd and you will immediately have access to the DanBred gene-pool.

The Benefits are many and the GenePro can even be expanded with Nucleus Management®, where you receive a herd number from DanBred and you will be able to select your replacement gilts on index. Each week this index will tell you which animals, in your herd, has the highest genetic potential.

Read more about GenePro and Nucleus Management® here.





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