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DanAvl becomes DanBred

The Danish breeding system  has changed its name to DanBred. The change in name marks a significant change – a change from being a closed system to a new outward-looking culture in which the customer is at the centre. Our new tag line “Your business. Our DNA.” sums up our ambitious aim to conquer the world with a new customer-centric focus.

We are maintaining the Danish cultural component to our name. Denmark is and will remain the breeding ground of our world-class genetics. Our new logo and name express the Danish component through red and white colours along with a narrative which tips its hat respectfully to our Danish roots.

About the new DanBred
We have a world-class breeding system. More than 100 years of targeted, focused work selecting and breeding the right pigs has given the Danish pig a great advantage over its competitors.

The Danish pig breeding system has existed since the end of the 19th century, but the name "DanAvl" was first used around 1990. In the beginning, the purpose was to develop pig breeding which met the needs of Danish pig producers and abattoirs as well as competitive pork products for export and the domestic market.

Today, our talented geneticists focus on the well-being and conformation of the pigs – just to mention two of our ambitious goals.

DanBred's Board of Directors

Christian Junker

Danish Agro

Henning Haahr

Danish Agro

Per Nyby Pedersen

Danish Agro

Ove Thejls

Agriculture and Food

Lars Daugaard

Agriculture and Food

Søren Søndergaard

Agriculture and Food

Jens Bigum

Holdingsselskabet DBI A/S

Bo Kibsdal

Holdingsselskabet DBI A/S

Jørgen Dalsgaard

Holdingsselskabet DBI A/S

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