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Farms all over the world can take advantage of DanBred’s crossbreeding program, either with or without the purchase of DanBred breeding animals.


DanBred breeding animals are characterised by high fertility, large viable litters, outstanding feeding conversion, low slaughter loss and a high meat percentage.

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DanBred GenePro is focused on the production of on-farm replacement gilts – and it is easy to get started!

Let the best sows in your herd form the basis for future generations using purebred semen from the best DanBred boars. This ensures genetic gain and helps you maintain your herd’s health status.

GenePro gives you access to DanBred’s Data Bank, where you can follow the breeding index of your boars or the semen delivered to you; with minimal time for administration, you are able to follow the genetic progress of your herd. As a GenePro user you will see better production results in the herd from the first generations.

Getting started was much easier than I anticipated.
And I already see a clear progress after one year.
We are very satisfied.

Lars, integrated pig producer, Denmark

DanBred's purebred populations

DanBred’s breeding populations have a great genetic potential. Not only do they contribute with cost-efficient profitability for you, they also contribute to the reduction of the climate footprint, as effective breeding animals further a more sustainable production.

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DanBred Landrace is one of the female breeds in the DanBred crossbreeding system. DanBred Landrace has a high fertility and good mothering abilities, and it is known to produce large litters of robust pigs. Additionally, DanBred Landrace is a strong animal with solid legs and a high lean meat percentage.

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DanBred Duroc is the most competitive terminal sire and is used in the DanBred crossbreeding system for production of DanBred finishers. DanBred Duroc contributes to large litters as well as fast-growing finishers with low feed conversion ratio and a high lean meat percentage. Furthermore, DanBred Duroc produces carcasses with an excellent meat quality, as the breed has been genetically improved through decades of targeted selection, especially in relation to lean meat percentage and slaughter loss.

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DanBred Yorkshire is the other female breed in the DanBred crossbreeding system. DanBred Yorkshire is characterised by its good mothering abilities, and it produces large litters of uniform and vigorous piglets. Furthermore, DanBred Yorkshire has a high daily gain, high feed efficiency and a good meat quality, which makes this breed extremely effective for the production of pork.

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