Crossbreeding effect


Hybrid breeding is beneficial, because crossbreeding between breeds provide heterosis,  which occurs when the genetic level of a hybrid animal become better than the average of its parents. This additional genetic advance is added to the genetic gain created by the purebred breeds. For traits with less heredity, there is a great benefit in taking advantage of heterosis. This applies in particular to traits such as fertility, mothering abilities and longevity.

DanBred’s crossbreeding programme is structured into two levels. On the first level, DanBred Landrace and DanBred Yorkshire are crossbred, resulting in the DanBred Hybrid production sow.



On the second level, DanBred Hybrid is crossbred with DanBred Duroc, resulting in the unique finisher for which DanBred is known all over the world. The combination of the DanBred Hybrid sow’s genetic potential for high fertility and DanBred Duroc’s potential for high growth, effective feed conversion and good meat percentage results in large viable litters with uniform growth and a desirable meat quality.

DanBred customers choose which level of the crossbreeding programme they want to start on. You can start on the second level by purchasing young DanBred Hybrid gilts and DanBred Duroc semen for the production of weaners or finishers. If, however, you start on the first level and produce your own young DanBred Hybrid gilts for weaner or finisher production, you can try the home breeding programme, DanBred GenePro.


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